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What is a GAG Order pertaining to the Quo Warranto case of ABS-CBN?

Requested on the Supreme Court upon ABS-CBN’s conquest with its outstanding Quo Warranto case with the Office of the Solicitor’s General. On Tuesday the highest lawyer seeks to plea "very urgent motion" asking the high court to issue prohibiting another person to act ABS-CBN’s behalf.

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Statutory Rights of the Accused in the Philippines; The important Key Points

Statutory Rights are the enactment of rights provided by the State or Government. An accused in a criminal proceeding has an entitled right to defend himself in the court.

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Exemption from Taxation of Government Agencies and Instrumentalities

Instrumentality refers to any agency of the national Government, not integrated within the department framework, vested with special functions or jurisdiction by law, endowed with some if not all corporate powers, administering special funds, and enjoying operational autonomy, usually through a charter.

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Case Digests and Doctrines for IP Law Introduction

1. PEARL & DEAN vs. SHOEMART, INC. [G.R. No. 148222. August 15, 2003] CORONA, J (RTC- respondent shoemart liable for infringement) (CA- decision was reversed means not liable) (SC- certiorari) FACTS: Pearl & Dean was able to acquire copyrights over the designs of the display units called “light boxes”. In 1988, their trademark application for “Poster… Continue reading Case Digests and Doctrines for IP Law Introduction

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Miranda Rights is a constitutional privilege and must be performed during an arrest. The accused has the right to remain silent and can request a legal counsel on his behalf. Anything he says can be used against him. If he cannot provide an attorney he will be given one.

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5 Powerful Tips for your Additional Income through Online

This powerful tips can help you generate additional income through online. Given that technology is rampantly available and it's up to us how we can use it on our advantage. We have gathered the best and the easiest way to generate an additional income.

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Basic Guide: How to Start a Business Franchise in the Philippines?

Franchising business is way popular in the Philippines nowadays because of its high success rate and proven practicality.