5 Hacks of Studying and Working at the Same Time

For Life and Law

I am a full-time analyst in a corporate industry and full-time law student in a Philippine law school.

Definitely, juggling work and law studies is not the most recommended thing to do. However, for individuals like me, who self-support her studies and send her younger sibling to college, taking the full- time-student-only route is not an option.

Hence, given that reality, I have no choice but to keep up with what is on my plate and deal with whatever difficulties I may encounter for doing two important and serious life matters at the same time.

To aid this, I have some hacks to take away some stress factors while I hurdle work and school.

Time management and self-discipline

Managing my time is one thing ang disciplining my self is another.

I usually have a planner with me to know what are the things that I need to accomplish in a…

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