5 Tips to deal with a stressful job

Stress in the workplace might be slowly killing you, without you realizing it.

Based on the latest survey from The American Institute of Stress, job stress is among the major sources of stress for American adults.

The increasing level of stress over the years has also affected the life span of the workers as over-stressing one’s self may lead to amplified risks of heart attack, hypertension and other disorders.

The survey further revealed that the main stress factors include juggling work and personal lives (20%), Lack of job security (6%), people issues (28%) and workload (46%).

While in Asia, the Philippines in particular, low pay becomes the leading cause of stress at work, as highlighted in the Willis Towers Watsons study.

Whatever the cause of your workplace stress maybe, it is important to identify these concerns and address them as soon as possible before they take a toll on your well-being.

The American Institute of Stress cited that among the variety effects of stress are emotions, mood and behavior swings, which greatly affect various systems, organs and tissues all over the body.

Hence, here are some of the tips to deal with a stressful job and get the best quality of work and life as much as possible.

Know the boundaries between work and personal life

Of all the things that I can recommend to lessen workplace stress, this comes first. Why? The moment you know the line between your work and personal life, you will learn your priorities.

You can now figure out whether what you are doing is still needed for the job or is it just an ad-hoc task, which you can delegate or you can complete in a less stressful approach.

If you are at work, do not worry about your pets or your debts. Reserve these kind of worries in another time of the day and focus first on your job.

The more focus you are, the more productive you become hence you can prevent your workload worries from adding up to your later or next day to-dos.

Start your day positively

Getting positive in all morning is less likely achievable. However, it would not hurt if you tweak a little of your mindset and focus on the positive things, instead of face-palming over the negative ones. 

For example, you got late at work because of some personal errands or road traffic. Most likely, in this situation, you get pissed off and start your day badly. But instead of unleashing that monster mood in you, better get busy on thinking of a better plan to avoid the next day traffic or prevent your personal errands from ruining your schedule.

You may also think about grabbing a good coffee from your favorite café to restart your mood.

While on a road trip, better enjoy listening to your car’s music rather than thinking about your uneasy start of the day. Listening to good music can make you less stressed as you arrived at your workplace. This makes you more prepared to do your daily grind.   

Stay Organized

Being spontaneous is good in some moments, but it is better to reserve those spontaneity to things other than work. Before starting your day, it is good to have your plan. For example, jot down or do mind-mapping of the things you need to do first at work. Make sure your work station is clean and organized as well.

Eat out during your lunch or walk away from your work station during breaks

Everyone needs a break. No matter who you think you are and how hardworking you are, you will always need a break. Utilize your 15-minute break to grab some drinks or snacks instead of staying at your work station to catch-up with your backlogs. Eat or walk outside of your workplace to breathe fresh air during your lunch or long breaks, particularly if you work in an office setting.

 Choose to acknowledge good things and end your day with a smile

Be the optimist. With so many things going on in a day, it becomes too easy to worry or cry over the things that you need to worry about.

But breathing in and out, thinking about little good things and smiling a little make a difference.

Stress in work is inevitable. But there are things that you can control to win over against stress battle.

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