Do you worry a lot?Downsize your anxiety through the habit of reading.

If you’ve given up looking for inspirational and motivational reading resources because most of what you’ve read talked about the same thing, it’s not yet late to renew your interest this time!

“How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie is the perfect reference for you. The book contains exactly what motivation-inspiration-seekers are looking for. This work of Carnegie is a presentation of science, facts, and cliches of worrying in an unconventional way. The way the author presented the facts would not bore you.

This does not spoon-fed the reader with how-tos and what-nots rather this provides enough room for you to contemplate and realize what could be done in occurrence of an undesirable situation; which makes the book commendable.

The articles give you answer yet these do not make you dependent to the scribbles. The phrases tell you how but these do not tell you what exactly. Your imagination stays alive as though you are reading novels of Paulo Coelho or Nicholas Sparks.

Although you need to knit your own state of understanding, the book does not require you to over-think. The words were smoothly formulated which may make you feel smart enough to defeat your fears and worries; start a happy, well-balanced life in your own perspective.

I tell you, if this worked for me then might as well this will also work on you. I worried a lot when I was in college. I even came to a point of being hysterical and having compulsive panic. And because of overacting on things and over imagining the “what-could…and what-should” I barely enjoyed what I had at that moment to the extent of not appreciating whatever great things I had—just because I agonized my mind. I imposed self-anxiety on little and random things. Just like when I started writing, I worry about what my editors would say, and was afraid that what I was writing wasn’t good enough. But after I borrowed this book from the mini-library in our workplace, I started to change my mindset.

The book comprehensively discussed how our thoughts make-up who we are and what we become. Of how mind can powerfully influence our physical and emotional well-being. The moment we think, the blood carrying cells are pumped towards all over our body affecting the tiniest ends of our genetic make-up and subconsciously leads us to our current state.

Thus, worrying can be controlled, at the most,can be avoided. The book taught me to live with happy thoughts provided that I never step anybody’s shoe. If people love my writing, they continue to read. If they don’t, they stop scrolling the pages. That’s it! I live and will live with that notion. I barely care about what people might say anymore. I care about how to improve and learn further. I write because that’s what my heart shouts out and that’s what makes me happy. If things go differently as planned, I don’t get mad, I think of ways to make it better and make it work the next time instead.

One of the phrases that caught me in this book is this:

“One of the most appalling comments on our present way of life is that at one time half of all beds in our hospitals were reserved for patients with nervous and mental troubles, patients who had collapsed under the crushing burden of accumulated yesterdays and fearful tomorrows. Yet a vast majority of these people could have avoided those hospitals-could have led happy, useful lives – if they had only headed the words of Jesus: Have no anxiety about the narrow”; or the words of Sir William Osler: “Live in a day-tight compartments,”

Living is breathing at present, getting over wrong things, and knowing your purpose.

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When you worry a lot, you don’t feel free. And if you don’t feel free, you don’t live well. Worrying is inevitable though. However,you have the choice to downsize it. Just a little of discipline, focus, and good read will do the work.

“How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” will surely help you to live a happy life over worries of the oblivious past and of what is yet to come.

Live life as much as you enjoy the roses in your garden today. #xoxo

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