Here is why you should not think that you are not enough!

Do note that love is beautifully terrifying.

You may get wrecked at first, but that pain will make you grow. You may have questioned your worth the moment you were disposed, but eventually, you will understand why that part of your past had to leave.

Perhaps, you were not just meant to be or whatever happened, happened for reasons to better you both.

It could also be that your past also deserves someone more compatible for him or her than you do, and that someone right for you is meant to come along whenever you are ready to risk in love again.

Do not ever think that you were not enough. You were and you will always be enough for the right person, for the person who accepts you despite your flaws and imperfections.

Maybe, there are some things that you need to learn and improve on yourself, but that does not mean it makes you less of who you are.

Darling, remember that you are just human! You make mistakes and you lack in some sense, but you will always be worthy to love and be loved.

All you need, most likely, is time to completely let go and time to say hello to a new phase of your journey.

Everyday is your chance to begin again and believe in the beauty of life without limits. 🙂

Start today! Do not waste your time.

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