How to Earn Dollars Through Blogging? Follow These 10 Steps

Over the years, the purpose of blogging has evolved. In the last decade, blogging was mostly for self-expression or for engaging into a wide scale of audience through virtual reach. However, today, blogging has become so dynamic and is now utilized for professional and business goals.

Now, if you want to earn some dollars through blogging wherever you are in the globe, it is really feasible.

Read on to learn how to earn dollars through blogging by following 10 basic steps.

1. Start your Premium or Business Account Blog
2. Find your niche
3. Know your competition
4. Create a plan
5. Develop your Content
6. Optimize your content for search engines
7. Market your Blog in Social Media
8. Monitor and Analyze your blog’s statistical performance
9. Leverage available monetization schemes
10. Be Patient and Consistent

1. Start your Premium or Business Account Blog

Create your blog account first. Why do we recommend a premium or a business account? Because these type of accounts are your ticket to earn. The fee for premium or business accounts ranges from $50 to $600 (Php2,500 to Php 33,000) annually depending on your website builder and subscription plan.

The said amounts may appear hefty but if you focus on monetizing your site, you can actually earn more than your capital.

If you do not want to pay subscription fees, it is totally fine. You can also start with a free website. The con with a free website is that you cannot expect it to earn like how premium or business accounts do.

If you are still starting in the the blogging industry, then you can start with a free website to test the waters. Anyway, you can just upgrade your subscriptions once you are confident to take your blogging to the next level.

The following are some of the top website builders where you can create your blog account:

2. Find your Niche

Find your niche.

Choosing your blog niche is a crucial part of building a website. Think of something that’s within your interest. As much as possible, choose something that you are inclined with.

Identify your talent, skill or profession, where you can relate best. Through banking on your skill or experience, there is more potential that you can create engaging contents to attract more audience and for a long term. However, also do not be afraid to explore on other niches that may serve your interest.

Blog niche examples you can consider:

  • Travel
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Law and Finance
  • Digital/Online Marketing
  • Food
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Entertainment and News

3. Know your competition

Know what your competition is doing.

When you know what works on your top competitors, you can create around similar types of contents with a touch of your own system and creativity. Moreover, knowing your competition, especially their top blog posts, can help you outrank them in search engines.

Do these things to know your competitors and analyze their blogging activities:

  • Utilize Google to search for the top websites with niche the same as yours. For example, your blog is about personal finance, search for top personal finance websites.
  • Stalk your top competitors website and social media pages. Know at least a little of how your competitors are faring in their online presence. Factors like their number of followers and posts with a lot of engagements from their audience are some of the good things to know.
  • Learn from your competitor’s top blog post or improve it with your own style and approach.

Using the three fundamentals above, you can come up with a blog post that can potentially attract and retain audience. Then, overtime, explore on other strategies to get more views thus earn more dollars.

4. Create a plan

Create a blog content strategy.

Important points to consider in your blog strategy plan:

  • Define your goals.
  • Plan out your time and money to be allotted for blogging.
  • List of possible topics.
  • Blog marketing method and needed tools.
  • Type of content, approach and writing style.

5. Develop your Content

How to develop your blog content?

The Content Marketing Institute revealed in their 2019 released statistics that the most successful B2B marketers spent 40% of their budget on content marketing.

If you are a writer yourself and you can commit to regularly create content for your blog, then you can write yourself. However, if you were the investor type or you have other things on your plate that you cannot commit to full-fledged blogging, go for outsourcing writers. Hire writers who have excellent portfolio in your chosen niche.

By good writers, this does not mean that you have to hire those high-paying freelancers. There are actually newbie writers who do excellent work within reasonable fees.

Be creative and innovative on your content strategies.

6. Optimize your content for search engines

Search Engine Optimization

Here are some content resonating strategies:

  • Build Trust. Write your articles to appear that you know what you are writing and that you are not just talking nonsense.Own your content and be confident. Do your own research and make sure to be cautious on your writing to present only facts or thoughts that matter or make sense.
  • Use Headings
  • Use ALT on images
  • Create a winning meta description.
  • Use the right words. Include transitory or explanatory words like (As a result; Because; Caused by; Consequently; Due to; For this reason; Since; Therefore; Thus; Accordingly)

7. Market your Blog in Social Media

Share to social media sites. (e.g. Facebook / Twitter)

Here are some tips for how you can use social media to boost your blog traffic:

  • Create Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other applicable social media accounts.
  • Regularly share your blog contents to your social media sites.
  • Ask your friends or others to share or promote your posts.
  • Avail boosting or ad in social media. (optional)

8. Monitor and Analyze your blog’s statistical performance

Monitor and Analyze your blog statistics.

Blog metrics your need to monitor and analyze:

  • Traffic
  • Blog Subscribers/followers
  • Social media likes/shares/engagements from audience
  • Backlinks

Through these measures, you can start creating your strategies an figure out what works well for your bog and what are those only nuisance.

When you keep on track with your monitoring and analysis, it will help you come up with blogging and promotional strategies to rank up on and earn more cash.

9. Leverage available monetization tactics

Monetize your blog.

Driving traffic to your blog is one thing, monetizing your blog is another. Solely relying on pay-per-click (PPC) or payperview (PPV) ads might not work if you are just starting out a blog. In PPC or PPV, you will only earn more than the marginal amount if yu have a massice traffic. You need at least 10,000 or more visitors per day should you wish for profitable dollars. Thus, it pays well to check on other means to earn dollars from your blog.

Popular ways to monetize your blog:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Advertisements
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Sell Products
  5. Sell coaching services
  6. Sell E-books
  7. Secure sponsorship

10.Be Patient and Consistent

Patience and Consistency.

The two real keys for business success: Patience and Consistency.

Earning from your blog does not happen overnight. It takes time, money, effort and technical strategies. Blogging to make money is only possible if you know what you are doing and how the system works.

Expect that there are setbacks along the way, but these should not hinder you from pursuing your goals. Don’t give up and keep on improving to earn dollars through blogging. It is not yet too late to learn and consequently earn. So, start now!

-I hope this blog can help and inspire our readers regardless of where they are from or whatever they do in life!

For Life and Law is also open to any article contribution which will potentially inspire others.

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