Welcome to  forlifeandlaw.org!

The authors of this blog are striving law students who are also working full-time in a financial firm. As self-supporting law students, we often search for sources which could help us survive our major daily grind, which is learning the language of law while making sure that we are able to financially sustain ourselves and education.

We simply look for articles that inspire us to keep on our pursuits, and search for sources that feed us ideas to increase our daily productivity and efficiency.

Oftentimes, we found what we look for. However, there were also times when the experience was just so unique that no one can best relate to but ourselves.

Hence, we decided to have our own legal-related and personal finance hub.

First, we hope to find answers to our unique queries as we write along.

Second, we want to share our thoughts and resources in a platform that is easily accessible to those who also look for inspiration basing on someone else’s musings and experiences.

And last, we wish to connect to a community where anyone is free to share their thoughts, feelings and opinion on anything that deserves a good conversation.

We hope this blog can help and inspire our readers regardless of where they are from or whatever they do in life!

For Life and Law is also open to any article contribution that will potentially inspire others.

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