How to get your Micro Business Exempted from Tax and Coverage of the Minimum Wage Law?

Are you planning to start a small business in the Philippines? If so, questions like how to register as a micro business, what are the eligibility requirements, how the business taxation works, and how much is the minimum wage for your workers must be serving your curiosity. There are actually existing laws that appropriately answer the above questions. Read on to learn more.

Case Digests and Doctrines for IP Law Introduction

1. PEARL & DEAN vs. SHOEMART, INC. [G.R. No. 148222. August 15, 2003] CORONA, J (RTC- respondent shoemart liable for infringement) (CA- decision was reversed means not liable) (SC- certiorari) FACTS: Pearl & Dean was able to acquire copyrights over the designs of the display units called “light boxes”. In 1988, their trademark application for “Poster... Continue Reading →


Miranda Rights is a constitutional privilege and must be performed during an arrest. The accused has the right to remain silent and can request a legal counsel on his behalf. Anything he says can be used against him. If he cannot provide an attorney he will be given one.

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